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Spirits of the night scarf - MYSTERY

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One day I made an effort to paint a painting, I didn't succeed. Therefrom, I drizzled and drizzled, I used colour after colour and out came a chaotic but a colourful painting, the outcome was something magical, at least to me. Within the chaos, there were eyes staring right at me, the eyes were teary and as I looked closer at the drawing I could see all kinds of figures and objects. After this outcome, I have painted many pictures, I have always had the will and desire to realise my thoughts. I believe this gift was given to me, quite a while ago, when I was staying in India. I have for some reason, been afraid that this gift will be taken from me one day, however, I will try to enjoy it whilst I can.

Aeternas' purpose is to evoke the world of nature and human origins
  • Size: 105x190 cm
  • Material: 100% silk


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