When I travel around Iceland, I see jewelry in everything, the amazing natural shapes which nature forms so effortlessly, I tend to see beautiful patterns and shapes everywhere I look. I enjoy observing how the Icelandic natural light bounces off natures' surfaces and plays with the shadows, even when night falls, I enjoy the softness and mildness of the Icelandic nature.
I see the Icelandic nature as being packed with beautiful jewelry and inspiration and therefore I strive to make my visions come to life in order to share the beauty with you and everyone that appreciates it.
My passion for the Icelandic nature started when I was just a little girl, traveling around Iceland with my parents. I can recall that my experience was very powerful when I saw springs and waterfalls for the first time, when I walked on the soft moss, when I felt the black sandy shores tickle my toes and when me and my siblings ran from the ocean waves. This is where I felt the Icelandic nature touch my heart, where nature set its' Rætur (Roots) within my heart.

My Rætur are in Iceland, I want my beautiful country to live in prosperity and flourish forever, this is why I found it so harmonious to name my necklaces' Rætur.